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Owners' Feedback

We constantly strive to improve the site and its popularity which in turn has provided our owners with more enquiries and bookings.

Please keep us informed of how your webpage is fairing for you, we always welcome your feedback. Some of you have already done this and we would like to share these unsolicited comments with you.

Ref 9356

George Ref: 9356

"Hi Bev

Just want to say, I have great expectations with your website, the responses have been fantastic since using the service.

I am looking forward to a very successful year ahead and many more visitors using the website for their holidays.

A big thanks to your team and online service."

Ref 195

Joe Ref: 195

"Hi Bev

Thanks for the continued advertising of our caravans. Great to know the price has remained the same as previous years. it really is appreciated.

I think that Direct Holiday Homes really is the best site for our business as most of our customers come through your site. Many who have come through have returned on many occasions.

Everything is good again this year and I can only thank you once again for all you do."

Ref 7782

David & Cathy Ref: 7782

"Hi Bev

I’ve got to say that your service is by far the best value I have ever experienced from any company or organisation in my lifetime and I'm not that young :)

We didn’t advertise with any other organisation last year at all but were practically fully booked by February!

Thank you very much for your exemplary service."

Ref 8561

Teresa Ref: 8561

"Hi Bev

I would just like to say that the site has been very beneficial to me in securing rentals and I will definitely use again next year."

Ref 4276

Colette Ref: 4276

"Hi Bev

Thank you to Direct Holiday Homes for the great advertising & getting respectable holiday makers."

Ref 7539

Julie Ref: 7539

"Hi Georgina

I just wanted to thank you and also Bev for such a fabulous service! Nothing is too much trouble and you answer emails and deal with questions promptly."

Ref 2416

Diane & Linda Ref: 2416

"Hi Bev

This website has been so successful for me, resulting in nearly every week selling through you."

Ref 6353

Anthony & Lisa Ref: 6353

"Hi Bev

Can I again say how much we appreciate your site. We get heaps and heaps of enquiries through it! We already have six weeks of confirmed bookings with another two possibles in the pipeline! I guess we're doing something right!

Thanks again for what you do."

Ref 6327

Simon and Emily Ref: 6327

"Hi Bev

Still marvelling on how simple it is to set up and operate - well done. Can't recommend you highly enough."

Ref 6836

Lynda Ref: 6836

"Hi Bev

I would like to say how delighted we are with the response we have had from your website. Thank you very much."

Ref 1852

Joan and Michael Ref: 1852

"Hi Bev

Just a fast message to thank you as always for running such an efficient, good value for money website."

Ref 6528

Madeline Ref: 6528

"Hi Bev

Thank you so much, I am really pleased I signed up with you as the letting was really good last year. I am extremely happy with your website."

Ref 6334

Gill Ref: 6334

"Hi Bev

I would just like to say thank you; the website has been such a success for my bookings. I will tell you that I had also registered with another site but no bookings and everyone complained about how difficult the site was to use compared to yours. Keep up the good work."

Ref 6138

Lisa Ref: 6138

"Hi Bev

Just wanted to say that your website is brilliant and we have had no problems receiving lots of valuable enquiries for our caravan!. Thank you for providing an excellent service!"

Ref 4981

Kaye Ref: 4981

"Hi Bev

May I just say how pleased we are with your advertising and can honestly say that at least 90% of our enquiries come through your site . Thank you and kind regards."

Ref 1189

Phil Ref: 1189

"Hi Bev

I've advertised with you since we first bought in late 2007 - best thing I ever did was advertise through yourselves. I've always managed to book the weeks I wanted to, and more on top!.

Another booking via your site paid today, so it feels like a free advert :-)"

Ref 7598

Karen Ref: 7598

"Hi Bev

I had a fantastic response and was full for the whole summer period. Really impressed. I recommend you to other holiday home owners too."

Ref 6334

Gill Ref: 6334

"Hi Bev

Just to say many thanks for another successful year of advertising with Direct Holiday Homes.

Money well spent!!"

Ref 7856

Wendy Ref: 7856

"Hi Bev

Just to say a big thank you for providing the site as 90% of my bookings come from your site. Thank you for being a friendly and professional service provider."

Ref 8379

Kev Ref: 8379

"Hi Bev

I have had a fantastic season thanks to Direct Holiday Homes. My caravan has had a 100% occupancy rate this season with many enquires for next season too."

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