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You can login to create and update your price and availability list and edit your holiday home details.

2025 Price & Availability List

Those Early birds are already sending enquires for 2025 holidays, but we have noticed that many owners have not yet populated their availability list for 2025. This means that their webpage will not be found in availability searches, resulting in the possible loss of bookings. 

Once your price and availability list is populated your can then utilise the Late Deals section.

Important: Please also remember the importance of checking your e-mails as we are receiving many comments from browsers advising that they are receiving no response from owners.  Even if you are booked, out of courtesy, please just let the enquirer know.

DHH Facebook Page

Are you aware that we have a Facebook page?  We are currently inundated with enquiries from potential customers looking for a last minute break, but owners don’t appear to be responding, which could result in them losing a booking.  Please remember that any posts from owners or potential customers do not go on the main page, they appear on the visitors’ posts.

Late Deals - Book out those fast approaching weeks

Don't forget to remove your late deal from the late deals section if your availability changes.

Advertising in our Late Deals section is free service that we provide to help maximise your letting potential.

To do this you must first have completed your price and availability list (see above). To be able to select a week the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum listing is 3 nights. Maximum is 2 weeks
  • You must have a total price listed (not per night, or week if more than one week listed)
  • The start date must be within the coming 6 weeks
  • Only 3 late deals can be listed at any one time
  • You must remove your late deal when it is booked
  • To keep the late deals section up to date, your late deal needs to be re-listed after 7 days

All that we ask in return for this service is that you remove your late deal when it is booked by simply unticking it in your availability list. This will ensure that the late deals section is kept as accurate and up to date as possible.

To ensure the success of the late deals section it is vital that you remember to remove your late deal if your availability changes.

The late deals section is a service that we provide to help owners book out their last minute availability and as such we reserve the right to remove late deal privileges for owners who misuse the late deal section.

Remember: If you are unable to help someone, refer them to the late deals section – you may be desperate to book a late deal out yourself one day and grateful of any help!!

We reserve the right to remove this facility if there is evidence of it being misused. The price and availability lists and the late deals section must only to be used to advertise the price and availability or last minute availability of the holiday home referred to on the webpage.

Please Remember to be very wary of SCAM E-mails

Please remember to be very wary of SCAM e-mails.

Never accept payment that is for more than you require (a sure sign of a scam) as you will be asked to forward the change, and then find out that their payment has bounced – leaving you considerably out of pocket.

Never accept payment from a third party (another sign of a scam) e.g. My business partner/bank manager/head office will make the payment.

Remember: If in doubt – throw it out!

If you are still worried, I am always happy to take a look at the enquiry for you - just send me the details.


More information on scam emails can be found here:

Keeping Your Webpage Up To Date

Please take this opportunity to ensure your webpage is completely up to date. It is important for your prospective customers that any offers you have on your webpage are removed when no longer relevant.

Unfortunately we cannot possibly keep check on when your offers run out, so it is up to you to let us know. Don’t forget, you can update your webpage as many times as you wish throughout your advertising period – all you have to do is send us an e-mail and we will do the rest for you.

Price & Availability Lists

Owners who already have a price list on their webpage have found it invaluable as it not only reduces the amount of enquiries just looking for prices but also the repeat enquiries for the same week.

You can now create and update your own price and availability list for the 2025/2026 season.

A great many users of the website will not bother contacting an owner if their list is blank.

Amendment Requests

You may make as many updates and amendments to your webpage as you wish throughout your advertising period.

You can login and edit your own photos, property details and availability list. But we are also happy to so this for your if needed.

Important: It is essential that when you request amendments to your webpage you not only include your property reference number (ID) but you also send your request from the e-mail address we forward your enquiries to. This is for obvious security purposes.

Your E-mail Enquiries

It has been brought to our attention by many potential holidaymakers that despite sending genuine enquiries via individual webpages, some owners do not bother replying.

It is important for your own reputation that you reply to all enquiries, regardless of whether or not your property is available on the requested dates. It is just common courtesy, after all.

If you have no availability on this occasion, simply ignoring the enquiry will almost certainly result in this particular enquirer not bothering to contact you for future availability - why would they if you don't bother replying?


For the integrity of our website it is vitally important that any complaints are kept to a minimum.

We have therefore imposed a ‘three strikes’ rule. In effect, what this means is that if any one owner receives more than two complaints, their webpage will be removed from our website and any monies paid will be non-refundable.

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